Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Butter London Marrow

Fall is in full swing for me, I mean take a look at my front yard:

It was fully green just 2 days ago!

I spent an entire evening packing away all my summer shades and pulling out everything I want to wear for fall and lining up all 40 bottles on the top shelf of my desk. So much to choose from! I'm loving teals, vampies, taupes and anything that's really greyed out. I wore BL Marrow a few days ago and it was awesome. I love the hidden shimmer to it, it makes the polish feel a bit like a Chanel, and adds a wonderful depth to a great shade of purple. This wore really well for me, I had 3 full days with no chips!


kelliegonzo said...

ohhhh this is gorgeous! i have this and HAVEN'T worn it yet if you can believe it haha.

jbrobeck said...

i went to my Ulta and the idiots there had never heard of BL. they told me to check out the OPI. AHHAHHHHH. I informed them they carried it on their website. the kewpie doll blinked and didn't say anything.

Rah Vigilato said...

Hello.. I'm from Brazil. I'd like the newsletter. how??? Where? Thanks =)

Jackie S. said...

Awesome purple!

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