Tuesday, May 25, 2010

StrangeBeautiful Volume 4 part 1

I've been so intrigued with StrangeBeautiful for months. The idea of having a nail polish "wardrobe" but wowed and bugged me. While a majority of the colors in their first few collections were, for me, ranging from to-die-for-beautiful to pretty-enough-to-lem, they still had a few ick-I-would-never-wear-that-EVER shades thrown in the mix. But from the looks of Volume 4 they fixed that last problem, I'm totally digging every shade!

I'm hoping to get all of these swatched this week, but here's a first look in to the collection:

Here's the teal shade. I ordered these from Lucky Scent and although the names are listed, I'm still not 100% sure which name goes to which shade. I'm pretty sure this one is called Verdigris, which according to Google is "a common name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates," and according to Google Images looked pretty close to this picture. But anyways. I love this teal. This definitely falls under to-die-for-beautiful. This color is the reason why I typically don't do swatches, because I wanted to wear it for the next 4 days rather than just 14 minutes. It applied flawlessly, was opaque in 2 coats, and I was extremely impressed with how it dried. I did not use a top coat for the swatches, but it dried to a high gloss shine and a full 10 minutes after the swatch did not dent when I ran in to a door. All of that without SV, amazing!

And here's the greige. This name I could not figure out. Greiges have been my thing lately, they're subtle like a neutral from a distance but up close they're surprisingly edgy. This shade sets itself apart from others in my stash with a slightly muddy-browny quality to it. Greige was another 2 coat flawless application, but it dried with just a hint of a jelly finish. Love it!

This was just a quick shot taken of the entire collection. I haven't found anything close to any of these colors in my collection, but I'm still going to do some comparison pictures just to give an idea of how they look next to their cousins (like that olive green and RBL No More War, they're very different!). If you have a request, shout it out in the comments and I promise to swatch them!


Lily from Paris said...

i really love the teal color !!!!!!
the pink one seems pretty too :)

thanks for sharing !!!

xxx !

nihrida said...

Love both of them!

Juicy Nails said...

wow beautiful colors!!! :)

Elena said...

These are amazing!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Christen said...

Looking forward to seeing the green one with RBL No More War, and maybe also the Verdegris one with RBL Teal?

Rebecca said...

The teal is gorgeous. Love the shine!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous but very pricey!!!!!

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