Friday, May 28, 2010

Other stuff I've been wearing

So I realize there was a huge gap in between blogs, and it was all due to a really bad break I had on my photographed hand. I still took pictures, but they're only with 2 fingers. I still like to show what I've been wearing, even if I didn't follow through with clean up and it's only half a hand!

RBL Coral was huge on my lemming list for the longest time, but after putting it on I was disappointed. Yes, it is the most true coral shade I've come across, but it's so freakin' bright on my fingers! I have a couple other shades in my stash (OPI My Chihuahua bites and something from Forever 21) that are close to dupes and only a fraction of the price, so this really isn't a must have. I kind of regret dropping the cash on such a not-unique color. And it didn't even hold up, I had chipping within 18 hours.

Much like Coral, Butter LONDON Artful Dodger was has been on my lemming list a long time. A looooong time! I put in an order as a belated b-day present for myself, along with a few other shades. Unlike Coral, however, this one far exceeded my hopes. I fell in love with this the instant I put it on. It's the most perfect turquoise cream ever. It applied beautifully and wore like iron for 4 days.

I took a quick bottle comparison picture just to show the color. Artful Dodger is bluer than China Glaze Flyin High but greener than Essie Shelter Island.

Butter LONDON Fash Pack was the only BL shade I waivered on. There weren't a lot of swatches around for me to check out, and I couldn't tell if it would look good or terrible on me. At the last second I added it too my order and I'm SO glad I did. As if the perfect greigy color wasn't enough, there's a hidden pure gold shimmer to it that adds amazing depth. This also applied perfectly and wore like iron for 4 entire days before I removed it.

The gold shimmer:

Butter LONDON doesn't seem to get a whole lot of love on the NP blogs, but it's really highly ranked for me. They put out amazingly unique shades with cute names and they recently changed their formula. The change includes a bigger bottle and change to the brush. You can now easily remove the top square cap to reveal a round top to grab.

Let's compare the new Tramp Stamp to the old bottle of Portabello Pink.

The new bottle has a sticker telling you that the top portion is removable, the old bottle is pretty much impossible to remove (unless you get all Hulk on it, which I was unable to do...)

Overall, I do think that Butter LONDON is worth the money, but I recommend ordering from I did so, and I received a free bottle of Portabello Pink, free shipping and $10 off my entire order. Even though the free NP isn't my type, I can use the bottle for a franken and I still got a much better deal compared to the Butter LONDON website.


Stephanie said...

Hm. I'm glad you said that about RBL Coral. Peach and coral shades are my favorites and I've been thinking about ordering Coral for the longest time. I suppose I won't now. But...I totally like Fash Pack. I wonder how close it is to OPI Over the Taupe, which I'm wearing right now...

Anonymous said...

Great swatches, I'm a HUGE RBL fan and I think it is beautiful and the quality is superb for from that point it is worth it but there are definitely some close dupes out there!!I think it looks great on you!

Rebecca said...

I have seen quite a few BL reviews now, I need to try the colours!

Jackie S. said...

I love , love fash pack, so pretty! I have 3 BL's and you are so right about the top, it took all my brute strength to take it off, hilarious!

Sweet Glow Beauty said...

That sucks about the coral--looks like such a pretty color!
(remember to enter our giveaway!)

Sinem Playhill said...

what is the name of that gold shimmer polish? I really want that :)

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