Saturday, March 27, 2010

The glitter... it's multiplying! Hide the children!!!

I wanted a quick and lazy mani that I wouldn't have to clean up or worry about the finish on, so I pulled out ChG Flyin' High and Medallion. Cream is usually my favorite finish, but for once I didn't want to have to obsess about my every move just to make sure I get a flawless finish. 1 coat of Flyin' High and 1 coat of Medallion was the plan. I did this late at night, slapped on some SV and went to bed... and woke up nearly blind. I do not remember there being that much glitter! Other than the problem of my glitter mating like bunnies when I'm not watching, I really like this look. Turquoise and gold is so cute!

I love the little holo pieces mixed in the gold!


Lucy said...

Oh I did something really similar with OPI Teal the Cows Come Home and Models Own Goldfinger :-)

nihrida said...

Love it!

PerryPie said...

Bwahaha, that's hilarious. Multiplying glitter.

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