Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green #4

No one told me that the China Glaze Summer Days was so completely awesome. I kept thinking they were a shimmer, but according to ALU they are glass flecked. And awesome. These are AWESOME. I tracked down Watermelon Rind to wear for March and it came in the mail yesterday. I'm completely in love with it and am working on tracking down the other 5 from the collection (anyone wanna swap? lol). I used 3 very thin coats of this, I think I could have gotten away with 2 slightly thicker coats but the polish was a little runny at first. Even with 3 coats it dried really fast, I did laundry just 10 minutes after applying Seche Vite and didn't get a single dent (even when my fingers got caught in the little holes of the laundry basket... don't ask how that happened)!


Diva's Beauty Insider said...

China Glaze Rocks beautiful color I like alot.

gildedangel said...

That color is gorgeous!

jaljen said...

I want this. I have Strawberry Fields (same collection?) and that is very pretty.
I LOVE greens and some of my faves are:
BB Couture Kelly's Green
Urban Decay Cult
Nails Inc Portland Place
Barry M Mint Green AND a new one I haven't seen blogged
Cutex Sweet Pea

nihrida said...

This is the first photo of Watermelon Rind that made me want to have this polish. Gorgeous!

sonidlo said...

It´s beautiful nail polish. I must buy it!

laquermanic said...

I, who search for the perfect peacock color, why haven't I discovered this one??? Thanks!

Isa :) said...

Nice color! :)
When is your giveaway winner coming out? was it announced yet? omg i missed it :| but i guess it wasn't me hahaha! :) Love your blog :D

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