Friday, June 18, 2010

Back... with many pretties

I've been gone waaay too long. I took a long vacation to Oklahoma (did you know it's hot there?), and while it's nice to get away I couldn't be happier to be home. The hotel I stayed at had a Dollar Tree right down the street, and a Sally's just a block from the local Wal-mart. Both of these I have never been to, and both of these I hauled from.

Sounds like a fun trip, huh? Not so much. I got bit by a rattlesnake, and yes, it got me with some venom. I was in a car that was headbutted by a pissed off bison. And I had a tarantula the size of my shoe jump at my legs, which elicited a scream that is only heard by those who are in mortal danger. Okay, so I'm not an out doorsey kind of girl... that much I think anyone can see. And while I did get a few manis in (within the safe, air conditioned sanctuary of the Holiday Inn), I also didn't get a single picture of my NOTD's (there were only 3, but I'm still ashamed).

The good news is that I came home refreshed, and scared enough of nature to want to stay inside and swatch pretty nail polishes all day. And my fear of nature wasn't helped by the fact that my Minnesota home-coming was completely filled with tornadoes. Luckily I live outside the fray, and I still managed to get in some good pictures!


ABOP said...

OMG, bitten by a snake?? Are you ok?

Biba said...

Oh, that was, hmmm, exciting vacation... Are you o.k. now?

susies1955 said...

Wow, you had quite a time.
We traveled from here in northern NY to CA 9,000 miles and never had anything like that happen. Well we did meet up with a bunch of Buffalo across the road but just turned around and left. :)
Will you be showing us your haul?
Ya and are you ok?

Sarah said...

Yikes! I hope you're ok. Sounds quite...eventful.
I hate the spiders down here(I live in AR)! I'm from Canada and it's too cold up there for spiders to get that big.

Rebecca said...

Haul pics! Sounds like a pretty scary holiday to me :p

Jackie S. said...

Tarantulas, Bisons and snakes, that wasn't a very restful vacation, glad you are back!

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