Saturday, December 12, 2009

Butter LONDON Bezzie Mate

I love Butter LONDON. And not for their application, which is good. Not for the names of their colors, which are hilarious. I love them because of their tiny square bottles. I admit, holding the square brush head can be a little challenging, but these are the only bottles that I let sit out on my desk because they are so damned cute. BL changed the design on the new bottles so you can remove the square cap and paint like with a normal brush, so really, it's not an issue anymore. The only problem is waiting for a sale. When the next one comes on, I will strike with FULL FORCE and pick up the 11 lemmings that I have for them right now.

Bezzie Mate is one of 3 that I picked up from when they had a sale on them so they were very inexpensive, which was good because I had never tried them before. This color looks bright pink in the bottle and even tried matte like a neon, but after I added Seche Vite it dried super shiny and the color mellowed to a lovely vibrant raspberry shade. I've been wearing this for 3 days and have a little bit of tip wear and one chip, though I attribute that to lots of Christmas baking. The best part about this being a neon is that it will come off super easy when I'm ready to change colors.

On a side note to anyone reading this, don't forget about the Rescue Beauty Lounge sale on Tuesday! (which I'm sure you've heard about, and if you haven't, omg are you living under a rock?!!) I don't own any from them but I'm really excited to pick up somewhere between 3 and 6 colors for half price. My mom will be picking up the tab, hiding the package when it comes, and stuffing my stocking for xmas morning. My definites right now are Teal, No More War and Recycle, and I'm still considering Coral, Dead Calm and Bikini Bottom. I'm thinking I may get just 3 this round because last April they had a half off sale, so I'm thinking next April they will too... wishful thinking but it seems possible!

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