Monday, December 28, 2009

A love affair with a fugly green

This morning I had a secret tryst is Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War. I cheated on my other greens, and it felt so right. Teals and I will make up by Wednesday, Mints may hold a grudge till the weekend, but that's okay, because today I'm in love with my fugly green.

This is my first time trying out RBL and it was fantastic! The application was smooth, and this color only took 2 coats. I'm hearing a bit of a buzz about more fugs, mostly in the avocado family, for next year. I do hope more fugly greens come out, they are so fantastically unique and really unexpected to wear.


TipsToToes said...

I don't like olive green, but avocado green sounds interesting.

Stephanie said...

I got this polish from the RBL sale too! I've tried all three of my other ones, but not this one yet. It looks so ugly pretty :)

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