Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dorothy Who... cares?!!

I wanted to like this polish. A lot. In theory it were perfect, in execution... meh. This was 3 coats and still a VNL. The blue wasn't dark enough for me and there was too much silver. I'm hoping OPI's Absolutely Alice can be everything that I wanted this to be. I swapped this polish for OPI Parlez Vous OPI? I hope it comes in the mail soon, because I have a little confession... I've never even tried OPI!

Also, since I don't feel this was a satisfying post due to the sub-par polish, here a pictures of my puppies with their holiday bandannas on. They're so cute!!


TipsToToes said...

I agree, I found Dorothy Who to be meh. Adorable puppies though!

Smoochiefrog said...

Never used OPI???? Blasphamy! Just kidding. :) Found your blog via Brooke (Getcha Nails Did), and it's a pleasure to meetcha. Feel free to visit my nail blog. We'd be happy to have ya visit.

Park Avenue said...

I was so excited about the Wizard Of Ooh Oz Collection! I only bought 3 polishes, though:

Dorothy Who? (love it)
Ruby Pumps (love it)
C-C-Courage (a BIG disappointment)

I think DW looks great on your nails!

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