Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello and NP Survey

I'm so excited to be starting my own blog!

Two days ago I was caught by my mom staring at pictures of the new Up & Away collection from China glaze. Then a few hours later she caught me staring at them again. Then the next morning, after she found me staring at Re-Fresh Mint for the 8th time, she suggested I start my own blog. You better believe that I'll have pictures of that collection up just days after it's released!

To start off my blog I thought I would start with a quick survey. Fill it out and add it to the comments so I can get to know you too!

Name: Andrea

NOTD: China Glaze Paper Chasing

POTD: none, between pedis

Favorite brand: China Glaze! I love their colors and I really love how they come up with new collections often, and they're always perfect for the season.

Favorite NP: China Glaze Sky High Top

Favorite finish: Cream! Though lately I've been wearing a lot of glitters.

Favorite top coat: Ever since reading this top coat experiment I've been trying new brands. So far I really like Seche Vite, but I'm hoping to buy some "David" soon!

Last NP you bought: I ordered ChG Wizard of Ooh Ahz, Love You Snow Much and a couple of the glitters last week, I'm very IMpatiently awaiting their arrival!! I almost jumped on the mail truck yesterday afternoon asking if there was a package for me!

Estimate # in your collection: around 50 give or take. I know, I know, I'm such a newb!

Current lemming: ChG Up & Away! Ah, such creamy perfection. At first I thought I would just be ordering Re-fresh Mint and Grape Pop, but then High Hopes, Heli-yum, and Lemon Fizz were added to my list... and after Scrangie's post, I decided I needed them all! I wish they were out now!

Wait time after mani before using fingers: If it's a polish I've applied before, about 10 minutes, but with brands I'm unfamiliar with I'll wait 30 minutes.

Fave NP blog: Scrangie! I love her no muss, no fuss, straight to the point style.

Most worn color: Tough one, but for 6 weeks I wore mostly Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea. It's a wonderfully true purple with a hint of sparkle. 2 weeks ago I picked up Sinful Frenzy and added that to the top, which I've now been wearing for 2 weeks!!


Jessica said...

This is way late but I just discovered your blog so here goes:

Favorite NP: hmm that is really hard. Rather than one favorite NP, I think I have favorites for certain moods or maybe even a favorite creme, jelly, glitter, etc. I feel happiest wearing CG Spontaneous but I’m waiting for the RBL Purple Haze I ordered during the sale and I have a feeling it may rival Spontaneous.
Favorite finish: Definitely creme. I’m super excited to get my RBL order because it looks like their cremes are amazing. I also love jellies - Ruby Pumps was the polish that started my obsession and Emerald Sparkle is too good for words.
Favorite top coat: Seche Vite for sure but I haven’t tried very many, to be honest. I recently ordered a few Zoyas and got their mini Color-Lock system. I haven’t used it altogether yet though so we’ll see.
Last NP you bought: Dead Calm, Mismas, and Purple Haze during the RBL sale. They haven’t come yet though! Hopefully tomorrow. Actually, just realizing I got Milani Totally Cool last night in a dollar bin and it’s awesome!
Estimate # in your collection: After the RBLs come I think it’ll be somewhere between 60 and 70. I have a feeling that number is about to skyrocket when I can get a hold of Wizard of Ooh Ahhz, Up & Away, and a few of the Alice in Wonderlands.
Current lemming: I have a bunch! but I’ve really wanted Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers for a while now. Up & Away has so many beautiful cremes though! They’re going to be perfect for Spring. Lovelovelove Grape Pop and Re-fresh Mint.
Wait time after mani before using fingers: I’m pretty impatient, especially since discovering Seche Vite and expecting everything to now dry at lightning speed. Plus, I usually paint my nails while I’m supposed to be writing papers so I always get back to typing pretty quickly.
Fave NP blog: SCRANGIE! I love everything about her blog and agree with everything you said about it.
Most worn color: It’s boring but I probably wear black or navy most often. CG Spontaneous is my go-to get happy quick color.

Jessica said...


Name: Jes
NOTD: OPI Dear Santa to get in the holiday spirit
POTD: an old Orly – I don’t get too excited about pedis
Favorite brand: China Glaze, as well! I love their range of colors and even though it’s a less expensive brand, I think their formula is great. I also love that they come out with new collections so frequently. It’s fun!

PerryPie said...

I would do this but it's too hard. You expect me to pick FAVOURITES?! It's like asking a mother who her favourite child is. Lol. But I will do an edited survey.

Name: Helena, but better known as PerryPie.

NOTD: Zoya Lulu under OPI Up Front and Personal.

POTD: Let us not speak of my toes. They are currently very unattractive.

Favorite top coat: SpaRitual Tout de Suite.

Last NP you bought: There was a boxing day sale at my nearest salon so I bought 3 OPIs, Dazzle me, DS Shimmer, Dating a Royal.

Estimate # in your collection: 140. I know exactly because I made a list. Yes, I really am that dorky.

Wait time after mani before using fingers: Depends on what you call using your hands. I will write, flip channels. Almost 5 minutes after putting top coat on. After I get pictures though.

Most worn color: Sally Hansen Profound pink. But that was before my polish obsession kicked in. Now I haven't worn many colours even twice.

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