Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter M&M's

So here's my totally non-unique pastel "skittles", but I call it an M&M's because I like them better! I think like half the nail board did something similar, so even though I'm not an original, I totally loved it. I also went shopping while wearing this and got so many compliments!

These are all from Up & Away, from thumb to pinky: Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Something Sweet, Re-Freshmint, and Light as Air. Lemon Fizz is a complete PITA to apply. It's probably the worst polish I've ever worked with. There were so many bubbles, and even though I got them smoothed out, on my right hand I have a spot where a bubble burst so there's a huge pit mark! I've never seen that happen before! Despite that, I still like the color, but I don't think I'll get to doing a full mani with it anytime soon. Something Sweet was the best of the 5, it applied nicely for a pastel, and I'll probably wear this one a lot because it's so sweet and girly.

My birthday is a week from Wednesday and I ordered a few polishes today so they would be here in time. From RBL I got 360, Diddy Mow and Coral, which I'm SUPER excited about, and then I ordered about 8 polishes from a few other places, 5 of which are some shade of coral since that's what I'm totally in to right now! I'm still on the hunt for more awesome shades, so what are your fav corals?


Cyan said...

Happy Early Birthday! Even if the pastel colors aren't original for Easter, the colors you chose make the perfect Easter/Spring Skittles mani. Love the look!

susies1955 said...

Love it. I did a mani similar and wanted a nice blue but ended up not having what I wanted. I used a blue from Pure Ice but it ended up looking silver to me. :)
Yours is perfect.

Lily nail said...

oh we have the same mms easter color in france :)nice mani !!!

Jackie S. said...

I had the same colors, different order! Nice swatch!

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