Thursday, April 8, 2010

What happened to that get nailed girl?

So I know I haven't been the most regular poster lately, but I have an excuse, I swear! I don't like to post without pictures of my latest NOTD and recently it's been harder and harder to work it in to my schedule. I only have 3.5 weeks of school left this semester and for the 1st time EVER I have a solid 4.0 in all my classes. I'm working my butt off to keep those grades! I'm working harder than ever so I have a great GPA to get in to doctorate school, so I hope that's a good enough excuse for y'all to forgive me!

Other than working on my grades, my 2 puppies (who are my babies) have been wanting to spend lots of time outside, which eats at my time because I don't let them stay outside on their own (I'm terrified of an eagle snatching them up because they are so tiny!). I'm also spending some time working on getting an awesome coral giveaway together for my awesome readers! I'm just about done with that, so look for it in the next week or two!

My birthday is next Wednesday, and I know I keep mentioning it like an attention ho, but I'm very excited about it! In my family, holiday schedules are busy but birthdays are a mandatory celebration, so I'm gonna party this one up! It's my big 2-2, and I thought I would order 22 polishes for the occasion but have already gone overboard with 23! Get ready to get spamed during my break between semesters, lol!

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