Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Guys, I'm exhausted.

I started working a new job on Monday, and I haven't had a job in a while, so waking up and having to be somewhere other than class in the mornings is tough. And to top it off I worked a double shift today and then came home to bake 8 dozen cookies for a friend, only to realize 2 trays into the baking that I doubled the butter in the recipe by accident. And I'm out of chocolate chips and eggs so I can't make a new batch that doesn't taste like butt. And I broke a nail at work today (where, btw, I am only allowed to wear "non outrageous colors"... I think I have like 4 of those). And the 'z' key fell off my laptop and I can't find it. But I'm super excited that I got to make someone's day by declaring a winner for the Great Barrier Reef giveaway!

And the winner is... Hannah Bumble Bee!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest, and an extra thanks to people who blogged about it!

Now, would anyone like a cookie? Anyone? No?... I'll just call Haz Mat to take them away...

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Jackie S. said...

It was a great giveaway, well done! YOU deserve the prize :)

Congrats to Hannah!

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