Thursday, January 14, 2010

Absolutely Amazing Alice

On the nail board at MUA, this gets shortened to AA, which makes me smile when I see it in some sentences, such as, "I'm so happy I have AA today!" or, "AA is wonderful!" I guess if you had just stumbled over there you would think we're all a bunch of addicts. Which we are.... lol. I applied just 2 coats of this over yesterday's Dating a Royal and you can't see even a hint of the blue that was there. Sadly as you can see there was a bit of shrinkage, though my almost used up bottle of SV is to blame for that. I'm waiting on a fresh bottle in the mail I don't have any polish thinner. One coat of SV barely caused any shrinkage, but the second one really did me in... and you really need that second coat to bring out the sparkle in this one. Alice's blue glitter is extremely fine and the slightest bit of movement really shows it off. Based off this and Mad as a Hatter, I'm pretty much convinced that we all should get together and write to OPI and beg for an entire collection of glitters. These two became instant must haves for me.

As much as I love this, it has to come off tonight! I'm throwing my mom a huge surprise birthday party tomorrow for her big 5-0! And while I've picked my dress, eye shadow, lip gloss and jewelry, I have NO CLUE what to wear on my nails. I'm a bit panicked! My dress is purple, anyone have any suggestions?


Rebecca said...

Do you have a picture of the dress? What kind of jewellery are you wearing?

gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color!

Get Nailed said...


No picture of my dress, but it's a super casual purple plaid shirt-dress (we're just going to a bar and grill, nothing fancy). I'm wearing tights, modest (3 inch) heeled booties, and some chunky silver jewelry.

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