Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Parlez Vous OPI?

After wearing nothing but bright glitters and bold colors for the last week, I decided to switch to something muted, understated, and overall pretty. This OPI is a little older, but new to me, and it's an instant classic. While I applied this I listened to Freezepop's Parlez Vous Freezepop? Just because the name similarities made me smile.

Not sure if it will ever happen but I'm totally waiting for Sprechen Sie OPI?... A German collection from OPI! Come on, OPI, think of the green you could make and call Lederhosen!! I'm sure it would be awesome!

I'm also kind of lemming You Don't Know Jacques from this collection, is it worth tracking down? Most people seem to like it, but I'm so pale that I don't know if I could work it.


Gina said...

I love this one, it's a total fav of mine. It's def beautiful.

IMO YDKJ is overrated. It's super dark, not really taupey more charcol-y IMO.

Jean said...

That color is really pretty.

I'm insanely pale, too, and I love YDKJ. I don't think it's charcoal-y at all. It's a really great mushroomy taupe/brown. So weird and amazing. Here's the link to my review of it if you want to check it out:


NailsIt said...

Hope your mom has a happy bday :) Great blog! Gorgeous nails and I really like all the comps you do :)

gildedangel said...

I love this color, I have been lemming it for ages!

Get Nailed said...

Jean -

You don't know Jacques looks great on you! I may have to track this one down now!

Hannah Banana said...

Lovely colour! I have this one and YDKJ arriving hopefully tomorrow! I'm looking forward to seing if I like them on my nails. I always love things on other peoples nails and then go off them when I see them on mine against my skintone! Grrr.

nihrida said...

You're definitely working it! =)

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