Saturday, January 23, 2010

What do you think? Mint or not?

I recently swapped with someone for my very first Nubar! After a long, sad week from being disappointed about not getting my Up & Aways, I wore Green Tea on Friday. And the formula blew me away. If all Nubars apply like this one did, then they get my vote for Best Application Ever. The color applied like butter and dried to the touch within a minute, and I could tell since I bumped my TC bottle with one finger and there was no sign of damage! Great for those clumsy people like me. It didn't dry super shiny, but that's what Seche Vite is made for, right?

Anyways, I've been lemming this color because I heard it was mint-ish. But I'm torn... I describe this as a slightly dusty-grass, but in some light, I get the "feel" of a mint, if you get what I mean. Anyways, what do you think? Minty or not?

I took a comparison picture too. On the left is OPI Green-wich Villiage, which is definitely a true green, and on the right I wore my favorite "true green" mint, RGB Minty. But next to Green Tea, Minty looks like Mint Candy Apple did, which is very blue. I really like this comparison because it shows the dusty quality that Green Tea has.

The little marks are from snowflakes getting in the way. Yeah, the weather sucks here today :)

And one last picture for today: MY UP & AWAYs!!!! I wanted to run to the mail box when I saw our mailman put them in (yes, I am a freak who sits near the window and stalks the mail truck), but couldn't risk breaking a hip on the 3 inches of ice in my driveway. There are literally people ice skating on the road right now lol. It's all good though, I'm stocked up on the essentials! Plenty of acetone, chips and beer :)

I'm going to keep them on the upper shelf of my desk to stare at. And yes, those are my Star Wars and Transformers Potato Heads. I'm 21 going on 13-year-old-boy.


Jean said...

Hm.. It's not quite mint, I don't think. It's gorgeous, though! And the name of the polish is perfect. It reminds me of green tea ice cream.

And I love the Darth Vader Potato Head! My shelves also look like those of a 13-year-old boy. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings action figures, and a Han Solo bobble head. And then lightsabers on my bookshelf.

gildedangel said...

I don't think that it looks minty, it is more of a grass green.

Claudia said...

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your potato heads! It is the first time I see them, if I had any room whatsoever I would totally get them!

Rebecca said...

It's definitely darker than mint, but only just.

Your potato heads are amazing btw! :D

Anonymous said...

Great potato heads!
I don´t think, that green tea is a mint colour but nonetheless it´s a gorgeous nail polish! I love Nubar Nail Polishes :)

Anonymous said...

That green is nice! I'm slightly jealous right now you having all he CG polishes. I need to get my hands on a couple of these!

D:) said...

I wouldn't call it minty. Maybe spearmint-y. Beautiful swatches!!

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