Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who says a $2 polish can't be awesome?

Okay, so I'm a little bit of a NP snob. Just barely though. I won't touch Maybelline, and I have 2 Rimmels that I like but don't wear just in case someone says, "OMG I love your polish! Wear did you get it?" and then I have to say "uhm... the drugstore...". And I think Sally Hansen is becoming a huge rip off! What's with her price increase? I can get 3 China Glazes from Transdesign for the price of 1 new Sally Hansen! But I have a soft spot for Sinful polishes. The glitters, oh, the glitters they have... I love them. I usually wait for a sale, but these were on a special display case so I grabbed them, though I do think they are a part of the regular line. Someone on MUA made a comment that Mint Apple and Soul Mate could be dupes for Jade and Jade Rose. So I ran to grab them! But sorry, they're not even close.

But happily, Mint Apple is awesome. This alone made the trip worth it. It's a dusty green with a gold shimmer, and it applied beautifully. Look at the color! I am in love! You definitely get a bang for your 2 bucks.

With flash to show the gold shimmer:

And I took some comparisons with Essie Greenport on my thumb and Misa Dirty Sexy Money on my pinkie. Here you can really appreciate the dustiness. I badly smudged my middle finger so I just covered it with my thumb :)

Soul Mate was the supposed Jade Rose dupe. It's a creamy dusty pink. I'm not really feelin' this one. I don't think it's a very "me" color, though I do like the dustiness. It applied kind of goopy, though it wasn't as bad as the China Glaze's I compared them to.

Between China Glaze Sugar High on my index and Peachy Keen on my ring finger.

And the last new Sinful I grabbed, named Rise and Shine. This one I very much like. I did a quick swatch but took dozens of pictures, none of which came out accurate. It is VERY close to Four Leaf Clover, which is on my ring finger, only Rise and Shine has an added subtle shimmer and it dries neon matte. You cans see the original finish on my pinkie, and I added Seche Vite to my index and middle for the shine. This also brings out the fine shimmer in it. I think this is just too perfect for Spring!

My Walgreens display is ALWAYS half empty! Either they never get new shipments, or they do and someone comes in and picks it over before I get there! So I never get to see what all the Sinfuls look like. What are your favorite Sinful polishes? If I can find them I'd love to check them out!


nihrida said...

Oh, come on! You're literally hurting me. I already added Mint Apple and Rise & Shine to my wishlist after I saw them on MUA. Why? Why are you doing this to me? I want them *so* bad now. *kicks dirt*

Get Nailed said...

nihrida - I hope you can find them! I think they're part of the regular line, but the Sinfuls at my drugstore like never get restocked so I'll never know lol

gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful colors, I love Sinful Colors polishes!

Hatwood said...

Wow, those are really nice. any of the sinful displays around my area area always at least 1/2 way empty too. how many coats did mint apple take?

The Asian Girl said...

Mint Apple looks great! I'll keep an eye out for it today. I agree, Soul Mate is NOTHING like Jade Rose...Jade Rose is more of a BABB color and I wished I had picked up another Jade instead of it.

Get Nailed said...

Mint Apple was 2 coats and applied the best out of these 3.

Anonymous said...

I wanna get my hands on some of these polishes so bad! They look great, thanks for the swatches

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