Sunday, February 7, 2010


For the Super Bowl I'm wearing Claire's Chunky Blue! I'm still disappointed that it couldn't be the Vikings, but my favorite quarterback is definitely Peyton Manning! Chunky Blue has just made my top 10. It has a wonderful blue jelly base, but with 2 coats there's enough coverage so there's no VNL. There's a heavy amount of silver and deep blue glitter and large silver hexagons that hide in the base. I love that they're not right in your face, like they're really a part of the polish and not just sitting on top like a glitter top coat. I think with 3 coats you would be able to have some hexagons buried deep underneath, but even with 2 coats you get this amazing depth from the polish. I also bought Chunky Green, which I haven't had a chance to wear yet but I'm sure I will this week. I remember it also came in Chunky Silver, Gold and Purple, and I'm going to go back and get them all! The purple wasn't very purple but I think I can add some blue until I get the color I want. The application on this was really good too, and I was really pleased with the randomness of the glitter distribution. This polish is a big winner!

This picture shows the true color:

And this one shows the awesome chunky glitter goodness:

Next day: This polish came off in sheets. Ugh. I'm pretty pissed. I've only had it on 24 hours, and even though I was sitting in a jacuzzi for an hour, I've never had peeling this bad. I wore this polish with CND Sticky and Seche Vite for top coat, and I use my jacuzzi 2-3 times a week and I've never had this happen. Yuck. I think next time I'll time this so I don't wear it when I use the jacuzzi, because I do love it otherwise.

ETA: Removal was a nightmare... I've been using the foil method for glitters for a long time, and while some need a little bit more time than others, removal has never been an issue. I let Chunky Blue sit for 5 minutes, and while all the blue came off, it left about half of the hexagons behind on my nail every time. And they had to be scrubbed off. And they got everywhere... I definitely need to spend the $2 to get the angry beaver tub for the next time I wear these. Yes, despite all the issues I had, I still love it... I need help lol.


gildedangel said...

Great mani, I think that you are the first nail blogger I have seen cheering for the Colts!

Thess said...

I thinks this is a very cute nail-polish! =)

laquermanic said...

Love the pics, looks like sky-sparkling, very nice. But not nice that it peels of after a jacuzzi bath??! Love it, though.

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