Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worst picture ever of an AWESOME purple

This picture sucks. It's not true to what I'm wearing at all. Not even close. I tried out my new NYS Hot Purple today, and it is LOVE. So. Much. LOVE. It's the most perfect jelly purple ever. With 4 coats, in any normal light, I got perfect coverage with a squishy-looking jelly finish. But in the brightest sunshine ever that's bouncing off fresh snow with the flash of my camera, it shows VNL. No idea why, since I don't see it just looking at my nails. And the color looks kind of blurple-y here, but it's pure purple in person. It's bright and it has a neon-quality to it but it's not a neon.

I've never tried NYS before but it applied really well, and it's a friggin' bargain of a polish! Only $1.60 on TD! I paid a little more since I ordered from a website that still had Amaranth* in stock, but the 5 polishes I got are amazing. While I only have one Nfu Oh, I think the colors and finishes are on par with them on the awesome scale.

*O.M.G. If you even slightly want Amaranth, order it. It's hot. I'm going to rock it for St. Patty's day! I got mine from

Also this is the last day to enter my Who Loves Purple? giveway! As you can see, I love it today :D


Paige said...

That is a lovely purple, I hate how hard purples are to photograph though!

Unknown said...

and it's a jelly!! even better

nihrida said...

WOW! Added it to my wishlist. Could you please take a photo of your 5 NYS polishes lined up? That would be sooooo cool and helpful!

laquermanic said...

I understand what you mean when it gets more blue than purple. Anyhow: Beautifull jelly. :D

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